You’re probably wondering who that handsome young fella is, huh? Well, that’s me, of course! Mr. Troy “Dezmond” Smith featuring a beautifully graffiti-covered, rusty old boat (from Zakynthos, Greece).




I am 21-years old. I’m currently enrolled at Rutgers University, New Brunswick as an undergraduate pursuing a major in Communications with a minor in Music. I am also a music producer, artist, and performer.




Music has been my passion since a very young age, growing within me, waiting to finally come to light. Music is my savior, my best friend, and my artistic form of expression. It is through my music that I seek to bring positive influence and energy to those who choose to listen. I want to leave an ever-lasting impact on this Earth, one like no other human before me.



My end goal is a simple one: change the world.